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Our Staff

Our Staff

Rick Phillips


Robert Jerome

Director of Training

Robert is a retired Agent from Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics (OBN).  He was a Senior Agent at OBN and a Special Agent for the DEA Task Force.  Robert’s duties with the OBN included conducting undercover operations, search warrant executions, and marihuana investigations that included long term surveillance on marijuana patches. He is a Police Instructor and a Police Firearms Instructor for over 25 years.  He has trained law enforcement in: Firearms, tactical shooting, mental preparation for armed conflicts, active shooter, clearing buildings, and many other related classes. Robert is currently a Lieutenant over training for a local College Campus Police Department and the Director of Training for the 2A Shooting Center in Tulsa, Ok. Finally, Robert also has his own company named Invictus Armed Defense where he works and trains with schools, police officers, security companies, churches, and the general public in firearms instruction, concealed carry, and advanced weapons courses, mental preparation, and women’s self-defense.

Jason Perryman


Shanna Duck


Shanna has worked with 2A Shooting Center as part of the staff since 2012. She has taken numerous handgun and rifle courses inhouse and with several outside reputable companies. Shanna has also completed a rigorous apprenticeship and completed all standards to become a firearms instructor for the 2A Shooting Center. She has successfully completed the Range Master Three Day Firearms Instructor Development & Certification Course certified by Chief Instructor, Tom Givens in KS, MO. She focuses on personalized One on One Fundamental Training, and Womens Self Defense & Mental Preparation Training here at 2A Shooting Center.

Geoff Portman

Instructor/ Manager

Geoff has worked with 2A Shooting Center as part of the staff and an instructor since 2012. During this time Geoff has authored and instructed the Operational Handgun, Carbine classes and AR-15 Armorer's courses conducted at the range. In addition to his duties at 2A, Geoff is also employed with Shooting-Performance as an operations manager and Firearms Instructor. Prior to working with 2A, He was employed with the United States Shooting Academy as the Pro Shop Manager and Armorer. Geoff has attended many courses over the years from top institutions from topics ranging from Combat / defensive handgun, rifle, shotgun and unarmed defensive tactics. He is also a certified as a Glock and S&W M&P Armorer. Geoff was honorably discharged from the US Army in 2003 serving 4 years as an M1A1 Abrams crewman both stateside and overseas.

Lisa Butler


Steve Scoggin

Scuba Steve